Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 7th and 8th Update

Sorry about not having posted videos recently been lazy to be honest lol.

So last night i had dinner at a friends house, had some hummus and meat with pita and i had very small bites and chewed it really well and other then having some hiccups that are very painful not it was fine. but then today i had oatmeal for breakfast and it made me sick i think it was too thick and sticky so maybe some more milk/water.

So i started at 478.4 pounds and am now 451.6 so i am down 26.8 pounds!!!! i am happy i thought it would have been a little more because still only really soup and stuff.

Anyway that's all for now! thanks for taking a look and reading!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 5th and 6th Update

Well this morning i decided i was going to have scrambled eggs for breakfast today a day early then i should have but i was going a little nutty not eating anything for almost 2 weeks now. They were AWESOME!! there seemed like a lot of gas when i first started eating them for the first little bit but it was totally worth it. i wasn't uncomfortable at all other then the gas but that was not painful and totally manageable there was some hiccups that was a little painful but didn't last long.

i have found a little drained the last 3-4 days could be because of the lack of food and calories every day compared to what i was eating before.

all my incisions are healing well and seem to be smaller then i thought they were before so the scars should be really small a little itchy right now trying not to scratch to much.

on a Slimband note, they should have called me Monday it is now Sunday so they are a full week behind calling me to check up. on the Monday they should have called they sent me a email at 4:45pm saying "good morning mark" hmmmmm 4:45 is farrrrrrr from morning then i called them like they asked and left a MSG and no one has called me back since. not happy about that right now. on the other hand someone contacted me on the online community that is from Halifax that was banded about 18 months ago and is now working with Slimband and wanted to get some banded people in the area to get together and swap stories and so on.

anyway so far everything has been about what i expected other then the sever mental hunger when i see food or think of it lol.

Thanks for looking! hope this helps anyone! any questions please post below!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Pre-Op Diet lost close to 12 pounds on it

well I had said in my first video that I would post the pre-op diet they had me on. they said it was to make sure there wasn't any fat around my liver for the surgery to make sure that I stayed on it because I showed this to a couple doctor friends and really the only reason they would make you do this is to get used to portion sizing for once you have the band. also they said the whole "follow it or you might not get surgery" so that you don't go out every day until surgery and eat your face off and binge on all the junk you won't be able to eat once you have the surgery.

so I followed this most of the way I had to add more vegetables then it said in the plan because I hate spinach on a good day but without anything else it wasn't going to happen also I used a low cal French dressing because I can't have balsamic dressing like it said. also I am not banded yet so 2 oz or protein wasn't going to cut it. so I added some extra veg and more protein then it said but for the most part it was followed and I lost 12 pounds doing it. this could have been more I am sure because I did have to go out and have some "Last Supper" type meals I mean when the first month is over I would be able to have some of the bad things that I always liked to eat that got me where I am today but I wouldn't be able to have it like before so I went for it. I had the last meal of Chinese and MacDonald's stuff like that to get it out of my system and really not sure it will be out of my system for a while because even now when I am bored or watching TV I want to have that junk it's in my head all the time but I have been resisting all of it and I am not allowed to eat anything solid so that helps me not eat junk also.

anyway I think I rambled enough about all this posted below is the pre-op diet Slimband in Toronto advised me to be on before surgery

Friday, February 25, 2011

New update Feb 25th, 2011 9:55pm

sorry about the quality of the video i will try to use my phone from now on to upload videos because it is much better quality.